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What are immunizations?

Immunizations are the process by which a person becomes immune to certain diseases by injection of a vaccine. Vaccinations are organisms of a particular disease or virus that have been weakened or killed. These vaccines are then introduced into our immune systems by injection or aerosol. Our immune systems then create immunity against that particular organism.

Immunizations Offered

Please note that vaccinations are different from immunizations and we currently do not offer vaccinations. Please note that we also do not offer all immunizations, which includes the immunizations schedules for infants and children.

At our clinics, we offer only the following immunizations


Tetanus, often called lockjaw, is a bacterial infection that causes muscles spasms and can be fatal. This disease isn't contagious but it can be caught by open wounds. Deep punctures and wounds, particularly those caused by rusted nails or knives, must be treated immediately with a tetanus shot if you haven't had your shot in the past 10 years. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to our islands, seek immediate help if you find yourself with a deep wound and are unsure if you have had your tetanus shot or not.

Please be advised that the tetanus shot does not cover rabies in the event that a dog bites you. In that case, please seek immediate medical attention at the emergency room.

compassionate medical staff injects with a syringe at Hilo urgent care


Tuberculosis Test

Tuberculosis is one of the immunization requirements for school physicals in the Hawaiʻi public school system. The tuberculosis skin test is done to see if you have ever been exposed to tuberculosis, which is a contagious bacterial infection that attacks the lungs. The testing is done by one of our medical professionals by administering a tiny amount of the TB protein under the top layer of skin on one of your arms. In two days, a firm red bump will appear where the injection took place and the size of the bump will determine if a person is infected or not.

: tuberculosis testing at Hilo urgent care

Tuberculosis Immunization

Fortunately, there is an immunization against tuberculosis called the BCG, or bacilli Calmette-Guerin. While this isn't highly recommended in the United States, your physician will recommend if getting the BCG shot is right for you. Normally, people who are recommended the shot are children who are continually exposed to the tuberculosis disease, foreigners to the country, and health care workers.

If you are visiting from another country, please check in with your physician to see if the BCG is right for you. Otherwise, please visit one of our centers today and ask to speak with a medical professional.

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