Hilo Urgent Care Provides Complete Medical Wound Care and Abscess Drainage

Wound Treatment

Deep wounds are at risk of catching an infection and therefore, need medical attention right away. We can address wound repairs right away. Wounds are an injury done to our skins that result in the skin being cut or broken.

Our medical professionals will dress and may treat the wounds with antibacterial ointments to prevent any infections

dressing the wound at Hilo urgent care

Abscess Treatment

Abscesses are confined pockets of pus that collect within tissues in organs or skin. These are often the result of the body's immune system sending white blood cells to a certain section in the body off to fight off the infection. Abscesses are tender and surrounded by a colored area from pink to a deep red. These can be painful and warm to the touch.

We recommend that you do not attempt to pop or drain the head of an abscess as this may result in the infected material to be pushed further back into the skin. Seek medical attention from our urgent care centers in Hilo and Keaʻau and we will take care of this for you.

Hilo urgent care patient with abscess toothache

Questions Related to Your Medical Condition

Upon your visit, our doctors may ask you the following:

  • How long the abscess has been there
  • If there was an injury to the area
  • Any medications you were taking
  • Any allergies you may have
  • If you had a fever


The doctor's treatment for opening and draining abscesses includes the following:

  • Numbing the area with medication
  • Having sterile equipment and towels around it
  • The doctor cutting open the sore and draining the pus
  • When the pus has been drained, the doctor will fill the cavity with packing to minimize bleeding

The doctor will also send you home with instructions about home care. Most people feel immediate relief after the abscess has been drained.

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