Our Local Medical Clinics Can Treat
Abrasions, Lacerations, and Splinters

Abrasions are a type of wound caused by damage to the skin in which the surface of the skin is torn or rubbed off. These are less severe than lacerations and bleeding, if any, is minimal. Visit us at either our Hilo or Keaʻau location and let us treat your abrasions.

A laceration is a type of wound in which skin or tissue muscle is torn or cut open, which is a result of an impact of an object hitting the skin. Lacerations may vary in sizes and not all types of lacerations may require medical attention. In those cases, ointments and bandages are sufficient enough, as long as the laceration isn't bleeding. If the laceration is bleeding, a repair is necessary to prevent it from getting infected.

Lacerations that need stitches should be addressed sooner rather than later in order to avoid infections. Stitches are a type of thread or glue that is used to sew the skin back together so that it may close up and heal properly.

Splinters are foreign objects that are partly or fully embedded into our skin. Typically, this causes discomfort and may invite infection into our bodies. These foreign objects may include but aren't limited to, wood, plastic, glass, and metal, among others. Splinters do not normally induce bleeding, but there may be a small flow of blood that follows.

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