Fractures and Sprains can be treated at Hilo and Keaʻau Urgent Care Centers


A broken bone can be classified into several types. The most common ones are the closed, open or compound, spiral, impacted, transverse and oblique fractures. In open fractures, the broken bones can be visibly seen. In closed fractures, the bone fracture isn't obvious and symptoms of the areas include bruising, swelling, and numbness.

Causes of fracture include falls or sports injuries.

Other symptoms of fractures include:

  • Extreme pain
  • Your limb looks out of place
  • Swelling, bruising, or tenderness around the injury
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Difficulty moving a limb
types of fractures


A sprain is a medical condition that is caused by the tearing of the ligament, a tissue that connects bones and joints. Ligaments help the joints move and bend in ways they could not. Sprains can initially be mistaken for a broken bone or other injury but are totally different from one another. Symptoms are similar in that there tends to be swelling and tenderness around the area and they are hard to move.

Other symptoms of sprains include:

  • Pain
  • Difficulty or unable to move your joint

At Hilo Urgent Care Centers and Keaʻau Urgent Care Centers, we evaluate your injury with an x-ray to determine if your injury is a broken bone or just a sprain. Our professional and compassionate staff can then treat fractures, or broken bones, that involve the hand, wrist, ankle, or foot on site.

Visit us at either of our locations today. Appointments are not necessary and walk-ins are welcome.

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