Hilo and Keaʻau Urgent Care Provides Immediate Treatment for Staph Infections

Staph infection, otherwise known as the staphylococcus bacteria, can cause multiple diseases. These bacteria are already present in our noses, mouth, genitalia, and skin but don’t present signs of infection.  The infection will start to develop when there is a cut on our skin.

Staph infections can cause diseases such as boils, food poisoning, and allergies. One of the infections involves the skin and is called cellulitis, which affects the deep layers of the skin. These infections are more severe on people with already weakened immune systems, such as those with HIV/AIDS and diabetes.

Symptoms of staph infection include the area being tender, swollen, and red. Usually, this begins with an open sore. If the infection spreads, a fever may develop.

Staph infection is treatable. Visit one of our urgent care centers and receive the care you need for your staph infection. Antibiotics, such as penicillin, are available, but the doctor will prescribe what’s best for you.

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