We treat colds, flu, and other viral conditions

Colds and Flus

The common cold, which includes head and chest colds, are often seasonal and are caused by viruses. The common cold is contagious and you may catch it from another who is infected with the virus by physical contact, like touching an object they previously touched, and then by touching your mouth or nose. These viruses then attach to the lining of your mouth or nose which causes your immune system to reach and attack them. The amount of energy your body puts out at fighting off the virus is what leaves you feeling tired.

At Hilo Urgent Care Center and Keaʻau Urgent Care Center facilities, we can run tests to confirm if you are suffering from the cold or flu.

differences between cold and flus


Strep throat is a bacterial infection commonly caused by the streptococcus bacteria. The results are inflammation and pain in your throat. Strep can be contagious and become a frequent occurrence to one’s health. Our urgent care centers have antibacterial treatments onsite to help you combat this infection.

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